seal & Landscape

GIF Animation 

Halloween Witch complete


Happy Halloween pear 2edit new


Pear music comic gif anime

Picture Gallery

  I drew this picture of an olive oil bottle because I really like the taste of this olive oil.
Even though it is hard to see, I wrote "Atelier juju" on top of the caption that says "FRESH PRESS".
I used the font Charlemangestd (regular) for "Atelier juju FRESH PRESS",
Arial (black) for "Herbes De Provence", and Calibri  

Argyle sweater

 Adobe Illustrator CS5

Halloween City

Adobe Illustrator CS5
iheart vector 

Violin lesson

Adobe Photoshop CS 

Fried Green Tomato

Adobe Photoshop CS 

It is like a stamp,isn't it? Actually this is a picture!

Adobe Illustrator CS
Adobe Photoshop CS

 Retro style picture

Adobe Photoshop CS 

Adobe Photoshop 



coconuts tree

This is GIF animation. 




Adobe Illustrator CS and Photoshop CS

This is a mouseover picture.

Recently, there has been many news about millions of sharks being killed for their fins.  



This is a mouseover picture.

Adobe Illustrator CS 


These are drwing pictures using Adobe Photshop. 

This is an illustration that used pencil tool to draw a guide of a "sashiko" stetch-like line.

 Adobe Illustrator CS,Adobe Photshop CS 

 Adobe Illustrator CS

This is an icon that I drew for imaginary Apple application.

The players can create different combinations of outfits for different occasions!
The concept is a virtual fashion game.
Pick any of your favorite top, bottom, shoes, and/or accessories!

I drew a pineapple and pear
I used many layers and new techniques to draw them.
It took a very long time, but it was fun! :)


 It's a doodle of my daughter using her PC like always.
However, this is still an incomplete drawing.

 I added the lizard to the landscape of Francisco at night.
I was going to draw SF landscape in day time, but I drew the night view instead

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